Snowmobiling in the Arctic

Where in the Arctic can you learn a snowmobile

29.10.2021 // Are you dreaming of learning how to ride a snowmobile and travel on this type of transport? Then head to the Arctic. You will hardly be able to find a more suitable place for this. Moreover, travel agencies are already busy selling New Year's tours on "snow bikes".

Driving or learning

Snowmobile tours are a separate type of winter recreation. They will be of interest to fans of sports and extreme sports and make it possible to get to interesting sights: mountain lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, which are often inaccessible to visiting by other means of transport.

By law, in order to travel on snowmobiles, you must have a tractor driver's license of category A1. If there is no such driver's license, then be prepared to pay a fine of 5 to 15 thousand rubles. However, many snowmobile tours assume that participants have neither snowmobile driving skills nor licenses, and are precisely aimed at teaching how to drive.

Considering that experienced instructors are responsible for you, their activities will be considered teaching, so you will not face a fine for driving without a license in this case. However, before each trip, it is still better to clarify this information, as well as ask which snowmobiles you will use for the route, how safety measures are observed and whether the necessary equipment is provided.

There are a large number of varied and interesting educational routes, for example, in the Murmansk region.

The best time for such trips is the end of November - April.

This means that you can book such tours right now.

Tours for beginners

If you have never tried driving a snowmobile, it is best to go on a day tour first. It is impossible to master complex skills in such a period, but to understand whether such a method of movement is suitable for you in principle. From 4 thousand rubles, you can find an option for snowmobiling in the Khibiny with a visit to the Kukisvumchorr pass or Mount Kuelporr. There are also more difficult one-day routes - for example, to the Ramsay pass or to the top of the Kaskasnyunchorr mountain. Many tours include a hot lunch for the participants around a campfire or a stop at a holiday home. There are day trips in the arsenal of travel agencies in Murmansk. They will cost from 10 thousand rubles, since they include the cost of transfer from the city and back.

Three-day routes

If you are ready for more, then routes lasting three or more days are suitable. This is not only travel, but also an opportunity to learn how to drive a snowmobile. So, there are options in which every day after riding along the route, instructors sort out the mistakes of novice drivers, give advice on how to fix them, and watch the progress of novice snowmobilers.

Now about the prices. A three-day hike along the Kola Peninsula, with instructions, equipment, food, overnight stays in hotels, will cost about 60-100 thousand rubles, depending on the conditions of the tour.

“Ringing silence, clean frosty air, pristine nature of the Kola Peninsula, kilometers of snow-covered roads - an atmosphere that can thrill everyone who is crazy about an active lifestyle. And not just active, but full adrenaline, drive, speed. If your dream is to get behind the wheel of a snowmobile and travel across northern Russia, admiring the immense fabulous landscapes, then we are on the way, "the creators of snowmobile tours describe the travel format.

A good option for those who have already received the initial skills in snowmobiling is to enroll in an extreme skiing school in Khibiny.

Here you will find professional instructors and sport mountain snowmobiles in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.

The purpose of such an expedition is to teach confident management with any terrain.

"Snowmobile tours in the Murmansk region play one of the leading positions in winter programs. Snowmobiles today serve not only as a weekend activity, but also as an assistant for getting real emotions from hard-to-reach places in summer, for example, the Sredny and Rybachy peninsulas," said Arctic Russia Alexander Eliseev, head of the Committee for Tourism of the Murmansk Region.

According to him, in the Murmansk region, you can quickly find a tour operator or guide through the recently created digital tourist portal of the Murmansk region

Snowmobile license

Obtaining an official snowmobile license will also be helpful. In addition to the confidence when passing the routes, it is also the opportunity to officially rent a snowmobile without the accompaniment of instructors.

For example, as the Arctic Russia correspondent was told at the Lukomorye active recreation center in the Primorsky district of Arkhangelsk, only persons who can present official rights can rent a snowmobile and ride it around the neighborhood. There is a special track at the base, which can be passed by snowmobile. That is, if you have the right and driving skills, then you can rent a snowmobile at any sports recreation center.

The driving license for an ordinary ATV, snowmobile of category AI is issued not by the traffic police, but by Gostekhnadzor. If you already have a valid driver's license that allows you to drive a car, then you will not have to take the traffic rules exam again. To get a license, you need to complete short-term training courses, which usually last about two weeks, collect a package of documents and pass a simple exam to the inspector of Gostekhnadzor. After that, you will receive a license of a tractor driver, which will allow you to receive category "A I" off-road motor vehicles.

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