About us

With its enormous and multifaceted potential, the Arctic is one of the most promising tourist destinations in Russia. Untarnished natural ecosystems, extreme weather conditions, unique natural phenomena and local indigenous cultures will pique the interest of the world's most discerning tourists. The Arctic regions can already boast unique tourism offerings for individuals and groups.

The Arctic Russia Tourism portal (tourism.arctic-russia.ru) is an educational and informational project dedicated to travelling our planet's northernmost regions.

We are creating a unified arctic tourism platform to aid tourists in their travels and help businesses in the tourism industry that are active in the Russian Arctic to grow.

We are sharing interesting stories about the unique nature of the Russian Arctic, its rich cultural heritage and traditions. Besides, we post ideas for independent trips, information about signature places of interest and announcements of important events. On top of that, we present a carefully curated selection of interesting tours from proven tour companies that offer good value for their price.

Long story short, we would like you to meet the real Arctic. Cold as it is and yet a red-hot attraction.

The Arctic is not just a land of endless tundra, ice and polar nights—it's also full of adventure, unforgettable natural sights and world-class service.

Join us! The Arctic is closer than you think.