The Arctic: Closer Than You Think

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Nenets Autonomous Okrug The Pristine Beauty of the Far North

Take a trip to the first and only nature reserve of the Nenets Autonomous Area

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Krasnoyarsk Krai Norilsk: A City in the Middle of the Arctic Desert
8 hours 11 km 7 objects

A route through the frosty capital of the Taymyr Peninsula and its surrounding areas

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Salekhard: A Step into the Arctic Circle
2 days 84 km 8 objects

It's definitely worth taking a trip to the only city located within the Arctic Circle, where visitors can see the most famous baby mammoth, traditional reindeer-herder tents, and the mountains of the Polar Urals

Murmansk Oblast Murmansk: Russia's Gate to the Arctic
12 hours 27 km 7 objects

A sightseeing walking route through the largest city above the Arctic Circle

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Karelia Travel

A 5-day winter tour to northern Karelia, including guided tours, Karelian cuisine, workshops, hovercraft rides, ice fishing, snowmobiles and much more.

The Republic of Karelia 5 days RUB 29,850
Niyayu Canyon

A fascinating water tour along four rivers of the Polar Urals, with running rapids of high rank of complexity in the canyon of the Niyayu River.

The Komi Republic 8 days RUB 30,000
Weekend in the Arctic
27 jul
31 jul
Krasnoyarsk Krai 'The North' Food Festival

Haute cuisine in factory canteens

13 jul
14 jul
Murmansk Oblast Teriberka Arctic Festival

Food courts, lectures, master classes, movies, and much more

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