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An Arctic Weekend: an Introduction to Chukotka

This tour is our 2020 year-end special! Visit Chukotka at half-price now that Utair has slashed its ticket prices!

Chukotka Autonomous Okrug 5 days RUB 100,000
Reserved Chud Tour

Enjoy the wild nature and quiet life away from the hustle of big cities! The tour is designed specifically for visiting the most popular attractions located near the Golubino Forest Hotel

Arkhangelsk Oblast 5 days from RUB 16 000
White Sea Expeditions, an Outdoor Programme for Kids

The White Sea is not only a great place for tourism but also an open-air encyclopedia of wildlife! Our programme combines science and adventure, biology classes in the field and in the lab, and full-fledged water tourism training

The Republic of Karelia 10 days starts from RUB 76,600
Tasty Pinega. Gastronomic Tour

During this tour, our guests will not only explore the natural and cultural attractions of Pinega, but also taste the traditional Northern cuisine.

Arkhangelsk Oblast 5 days from RUB 26 000
In Search of Seals. Family Educational Programme

The month of May brings the White Sea a passing yet intense northern spring. The sea is freed from the ice and the coast is covered in the bright colours of the upcoming summer. Numerous seals inhabit the waters of the White Sea. In mid-May, they climb out on the coast and the floating blocks of ice to bask in the spring sun

The Republic of Karelia 7 days starts from RUB 70,000
Northern Breakthrough

Northern Breakthrough, a snowmobile tour in northern Karelia, is a face-paced 3-day snowmobile expedition covering 250 km, with overnight stays in taiga huts and adventures in the snowy Karelian taiga!

The Republic of Karelia 4 days from RUB 36,200
The Last Degree ski expedition to the North Pole

The absolute classic and the most popular expedition to the North Pole

16 days RUB 4,250,000
The flight to the North Pole and the Night on the Top of the World

You not only visit the North Pole, but spend overnight in a unique ice camp Barneo.

5 days RUB 2,150,000
In the Land of Kalevala

A summer ethno-tour to northern Karelia, the land of the legendary epic, the Kalevala

The Republic of Karelia 7 days RUB 35,800
Cruise along the Northern Dvina river on the steamer N V Gogol

A voyage along the Northern Dvina river on a unique paddle steamer.

Arkhangelsk Oblast 4 days RUB 37,000
New Year's Adventures in Murmansk

Treat yourself to an unforgettable vacation beyond the Arctic Circle!

Murmansk Oblast 4 days RUB 28,500
Visit the Solovetsky Islands by plane!

The Solovetsky Archipelago is the pearl of the Arkhangelsk Region. It's got everything: sacred sites, uniquely beautiful scenery, a varied landscape, historical and architectural monuments and much more.

Arkhangelsk Oblast 3 days from RUB 17,650
Icy Canyons of Kara

Ten-day rafting with a visit to the Buredan waterfall

The Komi Republic 10 days RUB 40,000
Karelia Travel

A 5-day winter tour to northern Karelia, including guided tours, Karelian cuisine, workshops, hovercraft rides, ice fishing, snowmobiles and much more.

The Republic of Karelia 5 days RUB 29,850
Väinämöinen Rafting Run

This unique all-inclusive rafting programme in the wilderness of northern Karelia is offered only six times a year, during the summer season.

The Republic of Karelia 4 days RUB 13,990
8 Day Nenets Winter Homestay

The Nenets are the indigenous people of Siberia, and they continue to follow the traditions of their ancestors.

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug 8 days 3 000 €
Niyayu Canyon

A fascinating water tour along four rivers of the Polar Urals, with running rapids of high rank of complexity in the canyon of the Niyayu River.

The Komi Republic 8 days RUB 30,000