27 feb
18 apr
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Reindeer Herder's Day

Lasting one-and-a-half months, the biggest northern festival follows the traditions of reindeer herders by roaming around the Yamal Peninsula. Visitors can choose a location and date that suit them best. The flashiest festivals will be held in March and April in Novy Urengoy, Tazovskoe, Aksarsk, Nadym, Muravlenko, Yar-Sal, and of course in Salekhard, the capital.

Address: Salekhard, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

The indigenous peoples of the North treat the holiday with reverence to this day. This is firstly because it provides an annual opportunity for people to see their friends and family scattered around the region due to their nomadic lifestyles. Secondly, attendees can win valuable competition prizes such as snowmobiles—an essential vehicle in the northern landscapes.

Visitors from other regions can immerse themselves in all aspects of Nenets life, such as eating stroganina with cowberries in a traditional 'chum' tent, wearing homemade reindeer-hide cloaks decorated with beads, and watching national sports. In addition to the traditional reindeer-sledge races, these sports include jumping over sledges, wrestling, and tossing a lasso called a 'tynzyan' to catch a 'horei' (a stick used to control a sledge).

And finally, local women showcase clothes they've made and decorated by hand, especially for the holiday. Unlike most traditional national clothing, these are actually worn in everyday life.

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