Cruise along the Northern Dvina river on the steamer N V Gogol

A voyage along the Northern Dvina river on a unique paddle steamer.
Arkhangelsk Region 4 days RUB 37,000
Location: Arkhangelsk Region Name of the tour: Cruise along the Northern Dvina river on the steamer N V Gogol Complexity:
Age: 6+ years old Accommodation type: Cabins of the steamer N V Gogol Duration: 4 days
Travel company: Pomor-Tour travel company Price: RUB 37,000
What's in store for you

The paddle steamer N V Gogol is the oldest regularly operated passenger ship in Russia, a unique monument of Russian shipbuilding, holder of the Yuri Senkevich National Prize and a landmark of the Russian North.

River cruises on the Northern Dvina are the best opportunity to see the greatness, uniqueness and beauty of the Northern Dvina river, which gives life to the endless expanse of the boreal forest.

Built in 1911 at the Sormovsky Plant in Nizhny Novgorod, the steamer did its job with dignity, carrying passengers and cargo along the Northern Dvina. After a renovation, it started to be used as a sightseeing vessel. The vessel still brings joy to people who travel along the beautiful Northern Dvina or who just watch it steer out to the river, with its shiny snow-white topside.

Nowadays, the steamer is equipped with comfortable cabins, a lounge, a music room, a bar, a restaurant and a sauna. All this undoubtedly makes the steamer voyage a rich and unforgettable experience. While the steamer is extremely comfortable, the steam engine has been preserved in its original form, and you can watch it function while aboard. The shipowner, Ship Repair Centre Zvezdochka JSC, the Russian leader in ship repair and shipbuilding, does it best to ensure that the paddle steamer N V Gogol continues to navigate the waters of the Northern Dvina river, and guests and residents of this land of the Pomors can enjoy its beauty.

The river cruise includes a rich sightseeing programme: you will learn more about the centuries-old history of the city of Arkhangelsk. You will visit the homeland of Mikhail Lomonosov, visit the Holy Trinity Siya Monastery of St Antonius, a unique monument of Russian architecture of the 16th century, and much more. You can enjoy unforgettable hours of relaxation, mesmerising northern landscapes and the charm of the white nights in the music room and lounge and on the decks of the steamer.

Russia's oldest steamer continues to operate, and its crew guarantees that its guests will enjoy high-quality service and safety and a good rest.


You can check out the tour dates and read detailed information about the tour, as well as book a trip on the website of the travel company Pomor-Tour travel company

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