The Last Degree ski expedition to the North Pole

The absolute classic and the most popular expedition to the North Pole
The North Pole 16 days RUB 4,250,000
Location: The North Pole Name of the tour: The Last Degree ski expedition to the North Pole Complexity:
Age: 14+ years old Accommodation type: Tent Duration: 16 days
Travel company: VICAAR Price: RUB 4,250,000
What's in store for you

“Have you been to the North Pole?” Most of the people would answer negatively but absolutely not because they didn’t have a dream to go there but because they don’t imagine if it is possible to realize.

Having been operating in the polar regions since 1991 to provide full logistic support to sport and scientific expeditions, film crews and technical projects our company will make your dream come true.

In fact, the Arctic has one of the most severe climate conditions on our planet. The weather there is unpredictable and the ice situation is unstable. Huge distances, low temperatures, poor infrastructure and sometimes the total absence of such – all this contributes to complexity of the adventure and delivers a lovely burst of adrenaline, which we often miss in daily life. However, only professional approach to those factors allow us to ensure safety of such a unique adventure to the maximum extent possible.

To reach the North Pole by ski is a special privilege, which became available to not so many people in human history.

Ice ridges, frozen icebergs and zastrugi are integral attributes of the landscape on the drifting ice at the North Pole. This expedition lets you feel and experience the whole power and beauty of the Arctic, tests your character and durability as reaching the North Pole today is not much easier than a century ago. Leaded by our professional polar guides you can feel like a real pioneer in the safest possible conditions. Safety is our highest priority in all expeditions.

Such adventures sink into the soul and remain a vivid memory for a lifetime.

Detailed tour programme
Day 1

A day before the meeting at Longyearbyen airport, transfer to the hotel, that you booked.

Meeting with a guide, check your individual and group gear, general instruction.

Preparation for the training trip and packing the sleds.

19:00 Introductory dinner.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2

10:00 Training trip in the Longyearbyen surrounding.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3

Information meeting, where our staff will brief you on the situation at the Barneo region, planned departure time, and answer your questions.

Packing and weighing the expedition sleds.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4

Transfer to the airport, security check, boarding.

Flight from Longyearbyen to Barneo (approx. flight duration: 2 hrs 30 min).

Acquaintance with Barneo Ice Camp, located at approximately 89 degrees North.

Meeting with Expedition Leader, getting information about the place of start, fixing schedule for communication. Filling bottles with fuel for stoves.

Snacks, tea, and coffee are served in Barneo mess-tent.

Boarding helicopter and loading sleds.

Taking off for place of start. Usually, it takes up to 2 hours between arriving at Barneo by plane and taking off by helicopter

Day 5-13

Ski trek to the North Pole, overnight sleeping in the expedition tents on the drifting ice.

Day 14

On arrival at the top of the globe, we will celebrate it. We will spend a few hours nearby the Pole before helicopter takes us back to Barneo Ice Camp.

Coffee, tea, and snacks for free and strong drinks for sale will be available in Barneo mess room while waiting for the plane from Longyearbyen. Usually, depending on the weather, it takes a couple of hours. Flight from Barneo to Longyearbyen on the AN-74 aircraft (approx. flight duration 2 h 30 min).Transfer to your hotel. Night at the hotel.

Day 15

The North Pole Certificate ceremony. Time and place are to be discussed with expedition participants and announced in advance.

Night at the hotel.

Day 16

Free time. You have a chance to take part in Svalbard entertainment programs (for additional costs, booking required). Transfer to the airport for your flight home. End of our service.

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You can check out the tour dates and read detailed information about the tour, as well as book a trip on the website of the travel company VICAAR

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