Visit the Solovetsky Islands by plane!

The Solovetsky Archipelago is the pearl of the Arkhangelsk Region. It's got everything: sacred sites, uniquely beautiful scenery, a varied landscape, historical and architectural monuments and much more.
Arkhangelsk Region 3 days from RUB 17,650
Location: Arkhangelsk Region Name of the tour: Visit the Solovetsky Islands by plane! Complexity:
Age: 6+ years old Accommodation type: Hotel Duration: 3 days
Travel company: Pomor-Tour travel company Price: from RUB 17,650
What's in store for you

Every year the Solovetsky Islands attract thousands of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. This is a unique archipelago in the White Sea that combines picturesque landscapes with a cascade of magnificent architectural monuments and legendary history; it is rightfully called the Pearl of the White Sea area. The Solovetsky Historical and Cultural Complex is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Solovetsky labyrinths are of great importance as an archaeological site. About 40 labyrinths were discovered on the shores of the White Sea, over 30 of them on the Solovetsky Islands of the Arkhangelsk Region. The pearl of the Islands is the world's northernmost botanical garden.

The Solovetsky Islands are a place where amazing northern nature and living history, masterpieces of architecture and an austere monastic order are seamlessly balanced. Many of those who have already visited the Solovetsky islands note their incredible magnetism. After exploring the Islands, you will want to visit them again.

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