An Arctic Weekend: an Introduction to Chukotka

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Chukotka Autonomous District 5 days RUB 100,000
Location: Chukotka Autonomous District Name of the tour: An Arctic Weekend: an Introduction to Chukotka Complexity:
Age: 15+ years old Accommodation type: Hotel Duration: 5 days
Travel company: Kutkh Travel Price: RUB 100,000
What's in store for you
Welcome to the city of Anadyr, the capital of Chukotka—a city boasting an advanced infrastructure. Walking around Anadyr, you can hardly believe you are in the Arctic! You will get to know the indigenous culture and traditions. Attend Chukchi rituals and pass the initiation rite to become a 'Real Chukchi'. Enjoy hearty quantities of the local gastronomic specialities and delicacies. Admire the breathtaking beauty of the Far North, and experience the Arctic spirit first-hand.
Detailed tour programme
Day 1

- Arrival at the Yuri Rytkheu International Airport of Anadyr on a flight from Moscow;

- Airport pick-up and transfer into town: crossing the Anadyr lagoon by air-boat/hydrofoil/helicopter (depending on the weather);

- Hotel check-in;

- Supper and sampling of local delicacies;

- Post-flight acclimatisation time/free time.

Day 2

- Breakfast;

- Learning the Chukchi art of dog sledge driving, a ride in a dog sledge;

- Photoshoot with the dog team;

- Excursion to the Chukotka Heritage museum centre;

- Dinner;

- Sightseeing tour of the city (in a game format styled as an 'Arctic Quest');

- Supper.

Day 3

- Breakfast;

- Arctic all-terrain vehicle (Burlak or Trekol) journey to the volcanic Mount Dionysia;

- Accommodation in a guest house;

- If guests desire, they may climb to the top of Mount Dionysia to enjoy the gorgeous view;

- Observation deck overlooking Anadyr Bay in the Bering Sea;

- Arctic picnic;

- If guests desire they may enjoy a Russian banya experience with snow-bathing;

- Snowtubing;

- Snowmobile riding;

- Return to Anadyr;

- Supper;

- Weather permitting, observation of the Aurora Borealis. 

Day 4

- Breakfast;

- Introduction to the culture and customs of the Chukchi people, a visit to a traditional Chukchi hut, the Yaranga, attend a ritual of offering thanks to the spirits, learn about the nuances of Chukchi hospitality;

- The 'Real Chukchi' initiation rite;

- Dinner;

- A visit to the local branch of the Ergyron National Academic Chukchi and Eskimo Dance Ensemble, a workshop on the Chuckchi dance, Staying Wakeful Lest You Freeze;

- Shopping for gifts and souvenirs;

- A visit to a bone-carving studio, bone-carving workshop;

- Farewell supper, presentation of Chukotka mementoes;

Day 5

- Breakfast;

- Trip to the village of Gudym and tour of an abandoned Cold War-era military base;

- Transfer to the Yuri Rytkheu International Airport of Anadyr;

- Departure for Moscow.

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