In Search of Seals. Family Educational Programme

The month of May brings the White Sea a passing yet intense northern spring. The sea is freed from the ice and the coast is covered in the bright colours of the upcoming summer. Numerous seals inhabit the waters of the White Sea. In mid-May, they climb out on the coast and the floating blocks of ice to bask in the spring sun
Republic of Karelia 7 days starts from RUB 70,000
Location: Republic of Karelia Name of the tour: In Search of Seals. Family Educational Programme Complexity:
Age: 0+ years old Accommodation type: Polyarny Krug Tourism Centre Duration: 7 days
Travel company: “The Arctic Circle” Dive Centre and Lodge Price: starts from RUB 70,000
What's in store for you

The programme In Search of Seals combines science and adventure. You will chase seals and take pictures of these extremely cute animals, learn interesting facts from biology and geology, travel widely in a boat and on foot along the picturesque coasts and islands of the White Sea, have lively evening debates and seminars, and just enjoy a good outdoor experience!

The themes of the excursions and open-air discussions:

Suggested topics for evening lectures and discussions:

You can check out the tour dates and read detailed information about the tour, as well as book a trip on the website of the travel company “The Arctic Circle” Dive Centre and Lodge

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