In the Land of Kalevala

A summer ethno-tour to northern Karelia, the land of the legendary epic, the Kalevala
Republic of Karelia 7 days RUB 35,800
Location: Republic of Karelia Name of the tour: In the Land of Kalevala Complexity:
Age: 1+ years old Accommodation type: Cabins at the tourist camp Duration: 7 days
Travel company: WelT Karelskiye Puteshestviya Price: RUB 35,800
What's in store for you

Visiting Karelia's Kalevala region is an experience to be had at least once in a lifetime. Those who haven't seen Kalevala haven't seen Karelia! Our ethno-tour In the Land of the Kalevala, an ethnographic journey amid the natural wonders of northern Karelia, is an excellent opportunity for a family holiday and an escape from the dusty city. This ethno-tour was awarded the honorary certificate Made in Karelia. Experience the wonderful nature of northern Karelia, guided tours and outdoor leisure activities for the entire family.

Hovercraft rides on lakes and rivers, traditional rune singing, rafting on the Pisto river if so desired, a full day trip to the Kumi rapids waterfall (including fish soup and smoked fish), Nordic hiking in the taiga, kayaking along the Ukhta river, and genuine Karelian meals served in a Shaman's сhum! Those who come to Karelia in summer are not just vacationing but revitalising themselves, rediscovering an incredible thirst for life!


You can check out the tour dates and read detailed information about the tour, as well as book a trip on the website of the travel company WelT Karelskiye Puteshestviya

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