Northern Breakthrough

Northern Breakthrough, a snowmobile tour in northern Karelia, is a face-paced 3-day snowmobile expedition covering 250 km, with overnight stays in taiga huts and adventures in the snowy Karelian taiga!
Republic of Karelia 4 days from RUB 36,200
Location: Republic of Karelia Name of the tour: Northern Breakthrough Complexity:
Age: 18+ years old Accommodation type: Cabins at the tourist camp, forest huts Duration: 4 days
Travel company: WelT Karelskiye Puteshestviya Price: from RUB 36,200
What's in store for you

The top snowmobile tour in Karelia since 2004. Northern Breakthrough, a snowmobile expedition in northern Karelia, will give you a chance to challenge yourself in the 'white jungle' of the Karelian taiga! We know what tourists dream about! Breathe genuinely fresh and clean air! Liberate yourself! Get away from the noisy city with its buzzing mobile phones, crazy pace of daily life and dirty roadside snow... Regain your strength, you'll have nothing but an amazing time!

What adventures await you in the Karelian taiga?

A self-reliant three-day trip on YAMAHA VIKING 540 snowmobiles in the heart of the Karelian taiga! You are in the driver's seat! High-quality equipment from Finland! Overnight stays in a taiga hut! A traditional sauna in the taiga, with a steam room, the traditional bundles of birch branches and a hole cut in the ice to take a dip in the cleanest of lakes! Fish soup in the middle of the forest, cloudberry jam and a traditional wild berry fruit drink under the starry sky! Visit the Kumi rapids, the largest waterfall in the lowlands of Karelia! Travel along the border with Finland! See the captivating winter landscapes of northern Karelia! Experience the fascinating and unique terrain of the route! Become the focus of the constant attention and care of our instructors and staff! … and enjoy SNOW, SNOW, SNOW


You can check out the tour dates and read detailed information about the tour, as well as book a trip on the website of the travel company WelT Karelskiye Puteshestviya

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