White Sea Expeditions, an Outdoor Programme for Kids

The White Sea is not only a great place for tourism but also an open-air encyclopedia of wildlife! Our programme combines science and adventure, biology classes in the field and in the lab, and full-fledged water tourism training
Republic of Karelia 10 days starts from RUB 76,600
Location: Republic of Karelia Name of the tour: White Sea Expeditions, an Outdoor Programme for Kids Complexity:
Age: from 8 to 17 years old Accommodation type: Polyarny Krug Tourism Centre Duration: 10 days
Travel company: “The Arctic Circle” Dive Centre and Lodge Price: starts from RUB 76,600
What's in store for you

During the White Sea Expeditions programme, children will:

For the duration of the programme, kids will be accommodated in log cabins on the grounds of the Polyarny Krug tourism centre. Every day we will walk or ride a speed motorboat to interesting and beautiful locations around the White Sea and back.

The programme also includes a three-day trip in rowboats in the southern waters of the Kandalaksha Gulf. We will sleep in tents with a breath-taking view of the shore.

Each day is separated into three educational blocks.

  1. General classes: basic outdoorsmanship and water safety training, excursions and hikes, and the basics of biology.
  2. Extra specialised classes in smaller groups. Each participant will be able to choose the speciality of their liking when booking a place in the programme. The Natural Science speciality offers extra classes in biology and other natural sciences; the Tourism and Climbing Training includes classes in climbing, orienteering, making camp, and lighting a campfire.
  3. Block three offers a range of elective courses such as sports, an art workshop, fishing, and many others.

During the programme, kids will learn to communicate, explore the world, make friends, and help each other through play and hands-on activities. We do everything for children to feel like true explorers, travellers, and sailors while learning more about the world around them and how to appreciate it!

Our teachers and youth leaders are all enthusiastic and creative people. All teachers have a degree in their field, and youth leaders have a degree in teaching or are studying in the leading universities of the country.

The tourism centre Polyarny Krug has been offering kids' programmes since 2005. Our mission is to create and support an atmosphere of friendship, trust, curiosity, enthusiasm, and kindness.

Kids are the best proof that we are doing the right thing: most of them come back to us again and again, stay for successive sessions, and remember us for years after their first trip.


You can check out the tour dates and read detailed information about the tour, as well as book a trip on the website of the travel company “The Arctic Circle” Dive Centre and Lodge

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