Väinämöinen Rafting Run

This unique all-inclusive rafting programme in the wilderness of northern Karelia is offered only six times a year, during the summer season.
Republic of Karelia 4 days RUB 13,990
Location: Republic of Karelia Name of the tour: Väinämöinen Rafting Run Complexity:
Age: 8+ years old Accommodation type: WelT Karelskiye Puteshestviya Duration: 4 days
Travel company: WelT Karelskiye Puteshestviya Price: RUB 13,990
What's in store for you

The Väinämöinen Rafting Run is a rafting tour down the Pisto river, rapids and northern Karelia lakes that takes three fast-paced days. It offers the best and most incredible adventure for you and all other rafting fans during this summer! Why? The Pisto river connects the land of Pohjala (the North as mentioned in Karelia's ancient epic poem) and the vivid land of Kalevala. The Pisto is one of Karelia's richest rivers in terms of rapids. It fascinates travellers with its abundant waters, beauty and exciting rapids that alternate with gorgeous calm pools. You can count on the professionalism of your instructor-guides and their friendly team, but you're on your own when it comes to dealing with the overwhelming beauty of northern Karelia, which will never stop captivating you... Can you handle this?

Can my children take part in the Väinämöinen Rafting Run? Of course, they can! Make sure to bring your children rather than having them play with toys, offer them the experience of real-life adventures! The minimum age for young participants is 8 years old.


You can check out the tour dates and read detailed information about the tour, as well as book a trip on the website of the travel company WelT Karelskiye Puteshestviya

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