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Murmansk Oblast City of the northern lights: Kola Nuclear Power Plant, Atomic Regatta and skiing

Visit to the Arctic nuclear workers

Murmansk Oblast Kovdor: Hub for Outdoor Activities in the Kola Polar Region

Family-friendly Ski Resort

Murmansk Oblast Varzuga: fishing and wooden churches in the Russian North

Pomor heritage meets modernity

Murmansk Oblast Journey into the world of the Terek Pomors Umba, mon amour!

The urban settlement of Umba is located on the Tersky shore of the White Sea, at the mouth of the Umba River.

Murmansk Oblast Walking around Kandalaksha: a northern city with a rich history What to see in the city founded in 1526

Kandalaksha was granted city status in 1938, but its history goes back a thousand years

Hunting a whale with a camera in the Barents Sea

Sea tours for the brave and hardy

Murmansk Oblast The Kola Peninsula's protected areas

The home of reindeer and beavers in Russian Lapland

Murmansk Oblast Cultural Life in the Polar Seafarers' City

A Quest for Food for Thought and Spirit in Murmansk

Murmansk Oblast Northernmost forest on the border of three countries

The youngest Arctic nature reserve on the border between Russia, Norway and Finland

Murmansk Oblast Sam Syit What attracts tourists to the open-air museum Sami village in the Murmansk region

Murmansk Oblast Sacred Lake of the Sami Why Seidozero on the Kola Peninsula attracts tourists, mystics and explorers

Seidozero (from the Saami, "Seidyavvr" — a sacred lake) is one of the most famous and mysterious places in the Arctic Circle.

A song of snow and ice: why travel to the Snow Village in Kirovsk

The Snow Village is the largest snow construction project in Russia

Murmansk Oblast Ski season from October to June

Arctic destinations for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts

Murmansk Oblast Teriberka: trekking above the Arctic Circle

Sights that you can reach on foot in a town above the Arctic Circle

Murmansk Oblast Murmansk: the largest city north of the Arctic Circle

Port city in the ice-free Kola Bay receives cargo and welcomes tourists all year round