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The Komi Republic Ust-Tsilma Gorka: a celebration of Arctic round dances

Visiting Old Believers in the Komi Republic

The Komi Republic One of Russia's biggest waterfalls in the Arctic

A three-stage waterfall on the Halmeryu River

The Komi Republic A snowy ghost in concrete and steel

The abandoned settlement named Rudnik is home to geologists and prisoners.

The Komi Republic Protected mountains of the Polar Urals The northernmost mountain in the Komi Republic, rafting on a polar river and the remains of an ancient sea in the middle of the tundra

The nature of the Polar Urals is unapproachable and harsh in its laconic, austere beauty.

The Komi Republic Cranberries, Cedars and Endless Marshes of Komi Nature Reserves Picking berries and fishing in the Arctic

Several unique specially protected natural territories and natural objects are located within the Ust-Tsilemsky District of the Komi Republic.

History, permafrost and waterfalls

Exploring the Komi Republic

The Komi Republic Komi: The Seventh Wonder of Russia in the Middle of the Ancient Taiga

Who protects the 'lungs of Europe' and where did the stone giants on the Manpupuner plateau come from?