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The Republic of Karelia Pristine forest, marshes and bears: Vodlozersky National Park in Karelia

How to experience wildlife comfortably?

The Republic of Karelia In Peter the Great's footsteps: A lost village in Karelia

Petrovsky Yam and its long history

The Republic of Karelia Labyrinths of the Sámi gods

Kuzova Archipelago is a unique world of Karelian megaliths

The Republic of Karelia The untouched nature of Arctic Karelia The world's deepest lakelet, spruce, moss and mountains near the Arctic Circle

In the very north of Karelia, on the border with Finland and the Murmansk Region, Paanajarvi National Park was established on 20 May 1992.

The Republic of Karelia Death Mountain: travellers in search of Karelian spirits What do the ghosts of Mount Vottovaara say?

Karelian Mount Vottovaara is well-known among the mystics fans as 'Death Mountain.'

White Sea-Baltic Canal

One of the most ambitious projects of the Soviet five-year plan that resulted in the creation of the largest hydraulic and transport facility in the country

The Republic of Karelia 'The Stone Chronicle' of the White Sea Region

The petroglyphs of the White Sea are considered world-famous masterpieces of prehistoric rock-carving art

The Republic of Karelia A journey back through the ages

Travelling to Kalevala, the home of world-renowned epic

The Republic of Karelia Holidays in North Karelia

The highest mountain, the tallest waterfall, a miniature Lake Baikal, and UNESCO-protected ancient petroglyphs. What other hidden treasures await you in arctic Karelia?